The Importance of Having a Wedding Planner/ Coordinator

The other day I received an email from a lovely bride I met quite some time ago … She wrote to me about how she regrets not having a Wedding Planner/ Coordinator … So I thought I would share her story as I would hate for any other brides to have a regretful wedding day too…

Here is her letter

“Hi Candice… I’ve been meaning to write to you as I feel this might help me “move on” ?

After you explained the importance of a wedding planner and what you can provide I now hate myself for not taking you seriously and looking into it futher.

Whilst I knew exactly what I was doing and had a perfect picture of my wedding day, I had the complete opposite of every detail I ever imagined could happen to me. “NO ONE” gave a damn on the day and not that it even matters but they were just disrespectful to ME … the BRIDE!

I was able to source and secure all the things I needed for the wedding but I miscalculated the importance of having a “professional” co-ordinator on the day.

It didn’t bother me that it rained but I just wished there was someone there to help and walk me through the day. I regret it sooo much for not hiring you to be at my wedding. I cried everyday for 8 months after the wedding and forced myself to move on. but I know deep down I’ve just put on a “happy” face for the world. Candice I hope you will have the most amazing people around you on your special day and that you continue to help all the brides to be to achieve their dream wedding.

Full of regrets *Bride*”

Every bride deserves the best day ever !  Even if you are the most organised bride on the planet everyone could use the expertise of a Wedding Planner/ Coordinator… Even myself and i am a wedding planner… I am having someone coordinate my day!

I truly put my whole heart and soul into every wedding I create. I want every single bride out there to have the most amazing , perfect, gorgeous day … a wedding day better than she imagined…

You would never have a wedding cake without icing ( unless it is those new fad naked cakes) but really you have invested so much already for your day to be perfect wouldn’t you want to follow it through to ensure the day IS???

I would love to help ensure you day is perfect …..For a full listing of my packages click here –  PACKAGES