Spending Money on your Wedding Supplier? Why do Prices Vary from Supplier to Supplier- Wedding Planner to Wedding Planner?

Why do prices vary from Supplier to Supplier? Wedding Planner to Wedding Planner?

There are many factors you need to consider when hiring anyone for any part of your wedding. If you are comparing prices make sure you compare Oranges to Oranges not Oranges to Lemons. The fact is the Better the supplier the lower the risk you have of anything going wrong and your day will be BEST DAY EVER! – The Higher the Quality the More expensive

Things to consider and even ask the suppliers …

Experience – How long have they been in the industry and how many weddings have they actually created? The more experienced the supplier the more expensive they would and honestly should be because they are better equipped to handle different situations and have perfected ways of creating your day. The risk factor is LOWER with an experienced supplier and things are less likely to go wrong. You get ONE chance for your day – you can’t go back and change mistakes so the higher experience the Lower the risk the better for not only your piece of mind but for a seamless day

Knowledge – What knowledge do they have, do they have accreditations in the field? or did they – “plan their own wedding day and had so much fun so now they want to be a wedding planner? Or did they purchase a DSLR camera take some pics at a friends wedding and now decide Oh I can be a photographer” – If they have dedicated YEARS to studying the field – that’s years of knowledge that are very valuable. The more knowledge of the industry again the Lower risk

Compare the pair – Cross check each package – How Many HOURS included. Yes it might be their highest package but WHAT DO YOU GET in each package. If your getting more time or more inclusions then of course it is going to be more expensive.

Dedication and Time – Is this their Full time job? Are they on call 24/7 for you or is this a hobby or part time job? Will they be there for you ANYTIME you need them? How much dedication do they give to each client? How many other clients do they take on? Are you just another booking or do they only take on limited weddings to ensure more dedication? – Of course the more that supplier dedicates to you thats TIME they are spending on your wedding and you!

Versatility – Can they do different weddings or are they just stuck with the one style? The more diverse the more unique YOUR wedding is going to be.

All of the above go hand in hand. Of course everyone needs to start somewhere but it is about taking the RISK, STRESS & WORRY OUT of your day – The better your team of suppliers the easier, less stressful, enjoyable and of course seamless your wedding will be.

It’s true, You pay peanuts you get monkeys … You get one chance for this day wouldn’t you want the best team to be there for you, guiding you through the planning, ensuring it is unique in the style and ensuring every second run smoothly so all you and your guests WILL have THE BEST DAY EVER!