I’m ENGAGED!!!!!

Hi Everyone…. Since the age of 4 I have LOOOVVEED weddings … growing up of course always thought about the day that my prince charming would ask – WILL YOU MARRY ME? …..

I am very happy to share the wonderful news that while away in New Zealand with my very handsome Prince Charming that day finally came …..

We had spent the day at Cardrona where I had been a little bit of a grumble bum to him after a big fall – he was like – ‘shake it off’ and I had yelled at him saying ‘you don’t care about me ‘… little did I know he did care about me … a whole lot …..

After we got back from the slopes we warmed our bones in the spa where Alex said – ‘We have dinner at 8pm’… of course me being the planner – always wants full details… ‘Where are we going… Whats it called?.. he was being a bit secretive and I must admit my imagination did run away with me … could this be the night?

We went down to the Sofitel Foyer where he walked me in a loop the whole way around and said here we are…. It was back at the cocktail lounge where we would come back every night after being up on the slopes… It had turned into our little spot in front of the fireplace… but this night he had a private table with candles set up…

We had a yummy seafood platter and strawberries dipped in chocolate for dessert… The night before I had asked for strawberries but the waiter said they didn’t have any… I said to Alex – ‘ohhh they got strawberries in’ – silly me he had arranged them all part of his big plan….

So I was relaxing in front of the fire and Alex asks – ‘would you like another strawberry?’ … I reply ‘I’m kinda full.’.. he says ‘you don’t want another strawberry! ‘… I say ‘oh okay’… he feeds me the strawberry then says ‘do you want another one?’ why not i say… and as I look up and he has a strawberry with cream on a plate and whats in the cream …. THE RING!!!!!!

‘Ohhhhh are you serious? I say …. he kneels down and asks ‘WILL YOU MARRY ME?’ … I grabbed the ring licked the cream off (hehe) and said YES!!!! – then I said ‘are you sure ….I have been mean to you today I’m sorry’… we both laugh he gives me the biggest hug and kiss and I am in a world of BLISS

Yes I cried …. to this day it has been the best moment ….I know it is just the start of many more precious moments to come :) yay!