Finding the Perfect Wedding Venue

You’re Engaged ,yay!!! All these thoughts start going through your mind and one of the things you picture is WHERE will your wedding be? WHAT WEDDING VENUE will be that perfect setting for your wonderful wedding day?

Melbourne and Victoria are filled with such beautiful choices but where do you start and how do you know which venue is the right one for your wedding?

Some of you already have a picture in your mind so can narrow down the shortlist or you may be that bride that has no clue where to start. Have no fear YOU WILL find the perfect venue

If your that bride that has no clue where to start… 

  • Close your eyes and think about your day
  • Where do you SEE yourself saying I DO?
  • Where do you see yourself having the best celebration of your life
  • What’s your personal style?
  • Do you want your ceremony and reception together or just the reception?

These questions can all help with narrowing it down

  • Inspiration – Have a look on some wedding blogs – take notes on different weddings you like. You will be surprised that your natural instinct will start to create a pattern and you will automatically be drawn to particular styles.
  • Trust your heart and gut

Once you have narrowed down your style of venue

  • Search for venues in that style – from your notes you may have already found some venue options
  • Create a shortlist of venues to site inspect
  • Give each venue a buzz and check availability for your wedding date and package options
  • Book an appointment to see the venue


Every bride questions – is this right? is this the right dress, the right style for the wedding, the right flowers, the right venue?

1. Trust your instincts – it’s sounds silly but trust me when you walk into a venue and you can actually SEE yourself saying I DO in that particular spot under the arbour, spinning your first dance on the dance floor, sipping a cocktail during canapés. You will know it will FEEL RIGHT. Just like when you find your perfect dress when you put it on and your heart melts, you know!

2. Options. Never ever even if you love one particular venue never just see only one venue! This is how you get doubt out of your mind. If you have your heart set on one venue go see just one or two others just so that you never have to ask yourself – what if there was a better place. This will really help to secure the feeling that the venue you choose is the right one.

Here are some of our FAVOURITE VENUES around Melbourne and Victoria


QUAT QUATTA – Ripponlea near Melbourne CBD



STONES – of the Yarra Valley

Stonesof the Yarra Valley_AllureProductions

ABBOTSFORD CONVENT – Abbotsford near Melbourne CBD


HARE & GRACE – Melbourne CBD



CAROUSEL – Albert Park – Melbourne CBD


THE BATHS – Brighton











For the: MARQUEE Venue






CARGO HALL – South Wharf


RED SCOOTER – Balaclava near Melbourne CBD



MON BIJOU – Melbourne CBD


EUREKA89 – Melbourne CBD


Of course there are many more amazing locations to choose from.

Good Luck and have fun!

Photo Credits: Dansk Photography, Milk Photography, Preface Films, Allure Productions,Hello Blossoms, Kate Hill Flowers, Nicole Taranto Photography





Spending Money on your Wedding Supplier? Why do Prices Vary from Supplier to Supplier- Wedding Planner to Wedding Planner?

Why do prices vary from Supplier to Supplier? Wedding Planner to Wedding Planner?

There are many factors you need to consider when hiring anyone for any part of your wedding. If you are comparing prices make sure you compare Oranges to Oranges not Oranges to Lemons. The fact is the Better the supplier the lower the risk you have of anything going wrong and your day will be BEST DAY EVER! – The Higher the Quality the More expensive

Things to consider and even ask the suppliers …

Experience – How long have they been in the industry and how many weddings have they actually created? The more experienced the supplier the more expensive they would and honestly should be because they are better equipped to handle different situations and have perfected ways of creating your day. The risk factor is LOWER with an experienced supplier and things are less likely to go wrong. You get ONE chance for your day – you can’t go back and change mistakes so the higher experience the Lower the risk the better for not only your piece of mind but for a seamless day

Knowledge – What knowledge do they have, do they have accreditations in the field? or did they – “plan their own wedding day and had so much fun so now they want to be a wedding planner? Or did they purchase a DSLR camera take some pics at a friends wedding and now decide Oh I can be a photographer” – If they have dedicated YEARS to studying the field – that’s years of knowledge that are very valuable. The more knowledge of the industry again the Lower risk

Compare the pair – Cross check each package – How Many HOURS included. Yes it might be their highest package but WHAT DO YOU GET in each package. If your getting more time or more inclusions then of course it is going to be more expensive.

Dedication and Time – Is this their Full time job? Are they on call 24/7 for you or is this a hobby or part time job? Will they be there for you ANYTIME you need them? How much dedication do they give to each client? How many other clients do they take on? Are you just another booking or do they only take on limited weddings to ensure more dedication? – Of course the more that supplier dedicates to you thats TIME they are spending on your wedding and you!

Versatility – Can they do different weddings or are they just stuck with the one style? The more diverse the more unique YOUR wedding is going to be.

All of the above go hand in hand. Of course everyone needs to start somewhere but it is about taking the RISK, STRESS & WORRY OUT of your day – The better your team of suppliers the easier, less stressful, enjoyable and of course seamless your wedding will be.

It’s true, You pay peanuts you get monkeys … You get one chance for this day wouldn’t you want the best team to be there for you, guiding you through the planning, ensuring it is unique in the style and ensuring every second run smoothly so all you and your guests WILL have THE BEST DAY EVER!

Planning your Wedding and How your Love story makes your wedding day Special and Unique.

How do you make your wedding day so special and unique? It’s all about YOUR love story

I am a hopeless romantic have been since I was little. I feel very blessed and cherish that I am lucky enough not only do be able to do something I love every day but most importantly I get to help brides and Grooms bring their wedding day to life.

A wedding is a moment in time that last forever in our hearts

I love hearing about how they got together, what they love to do for fun and how they see their day coming to life.

Every couple has their own story and your wedding day is the first chapter in the next book. The Celebration of your marriage! Take a look behind the scenes here – Captured by Preface Films 

Welcome to the New site

Hi Everyone

Welcome to the new site. I hope you enjoy the makeover.

There will be lots of exciting blog posts including Venue spotlights, Concept to Creation Styling, Hints and tips, Features

Please enjoy the new weddings on the Our Weddings page – I still have a handful to put up from last season as well so will let you know when I new one is published

Stay tuned and enjoy browsing

Miles of Smiles – Candice Paterra

New Look Website Coming Soon

1st of May … I can’t believe how quick this year is already flying by … Just had my last wedding for the season on Anzac day which was beautiful (thanks mother nature for the glorious blue skies)… now it’s time to get into planning for the next season, I have some really unique weddings coming up and can’t wait to meet all those new brides and groom getting married 2014/2015 Summer season

There have been so many exciting additions to my To Do list – Can’t wait to post up all the gorgeous wedding from the season on the Our Weddings page and Have some exciting Blogs coming up featuring Melbourne’s talented suppliers and Venues.

I’m in the process of transforming the website design as well – working with the lovely Carla from peppermint press on some key design features .. So stay tuned

Can’t wait to put the winter woolies on … Take a breath, have a cup of tea and finally get to sit down and spread the love!

Stay Tuned!

Miles of Smiles – Candice

Summer Wedding Flowers

Are you planning your wedding for Summer 2014/2015?  Here is a post that can help you…
When choosing your wedding flowers it is important to do a little bit of research before meeting with your florist. Summer is the most beautiful time of the year to hold a wedding, floral possibilities are endless so why not take the time to get to know your summer flowers. Hitched have created a gorgeous infographic to help you make an informed decision about the flowers you pick for your wedding, flowers that are in season, readily available and can with stand the summer heat. We hope you find the inspiration you are looking for.

Created by Hitched AU
You can find lots more wedding inspiration, tips and tools at Hitched a leading wedding planning website.
Thanks Lianne Crosby for the lovely Blog Feature

Brides Diary – Bridesmaids Dresses

When it came to thinking about my bridesmaids dresses there was one easy thought – That I would get my mum to make them. My mum has been a dressmaker for 40 years and I really wanted her to have an extra special part of the day other than the most special being Mother of the Bride of Course.

Growing up I would always sit at the end of the table and chat to mum while she worked on a dress or dance costumes and I really cherish her. I am so excited to watch the process of the dresses being made and love that she has a hand crafted part to play in the wedding day.

The very talented Rochelle & Dean from Preface Films came over to capture the dresses being made ….  The gorgeous model in the clip is my beautiful sister and Maid of Honour Jessika …

Dress Making from Preface Films on Vimeo.

100 days till my Wedding…

Hi Everyone …

So today marks 100 days till I say I DO …. When we set our wedding date 18 months from the engagement It did feel so long but when those last months hit its like – aghhhh I need more time! … I am very blessed to have so many wonderful brides that I am planning weddings for at the moment… I am sending a bride down the aisle nearly every week over Oct/ Nov… But when does that leave time for planning my own – hmmm…. Yes my fiance always pops in going – when are you going to work on ours? I have always been that girl that puts everyone else before me. I am like yeah I”ll get to me …. So in between planning appointments, rehearsals, logistics, emails, phone calls and Wedding days!! I have been been ticking off my very own to do list , slowly but surely…. So where is everything at ?

The Rings – Are getting made by Alex”s Uncle Bruno are nearly finished … yay! – Alex is going to pick them up this weekend…

The Dress – I absolutely LOVE my dress appointments … I am really enjoying the couture process ( perhaps it”s the perfectionist in me) but being apart of the process and seeing the dress develop is so much fun. I can”t wait for it all to be done , take a step back and go WOW! – Bring on the Lace,Satin, Bows and much more – There is an extra special surprise twist to it too… could it be colour? you have to wait and see :)

Stationary – I am always on my brides about timing for stationary – This is one of those things that always creeps up and before you know it your running behind schedule. The thing that always sets you back is GUEST LIST DETAILS!!!! – Trust me the earlier you can start on getting ALL the details for your guests list not just the names but surnames, addresses and phone numbers … it makes a huge difference in timings… If you want your invitations out 3 months before ( Ours go out next week – CAN”T WAIT TO POST!) then you have to be on top of the guest list at least 5 months before if not even earlier. Your designs need to be completed latest 4 months out to allow for Name insert, proofing, changes , printing, shipment. Don”t forget if you have invitations anything like mine – That have 4 – 5 pieces wraps, ribbons swing tags…. you need to allow time to put them all together. I am cutting out my swing tags all by hand in a very cute vintage shape and tying them all together with some gorgeous grosgrain ribbon. Keep your eyes peeled for photos!

The Priest– Last Sunday we met with our delightful priest who we are flying in from Perth. Father Michael McMahon Married Alex”s sister 11 years ago and it meant a great deal to Alex for Father Michael to Marry us … He is an absolute hoot. I have seen quite a few priests over the years and I am so lucky to have such a hillarious man marrying us… It was no problems for him when Alex asked – Can you please say a little Italian for Nonna and Nonno … and Father Michael spieled out a beautiful Line about Love being like the moon in italian …. So when It came time for us to tell him our story of how we met – Alex started off and he was telling the story completely wrong … I was getting so frustrated and father michael kept saying don”t worry it”s his version… Then of course when it came my time I told the actual story and Alex was like Ohhh yeah no thats right! – I”m sorry can i get that in writing Alex – I”M RIGHT …haha …. We did some pre marital councilling and for those of you that go – eeekkkk…. it”s actually really good … I would recommend it to even my brides that aren”t having their wedding in a church …Anything that is going to make your marriage and relationship better and stronger isn”t it worth it ? ….. Its a great chance to get all those doubts on the table… questions you might not have even thought about , Problem solving technicques that could have you solving issues differently instead of going round and round in circles or arguing and shouting the house down! Acording to Gottman who has been studying Marriage for 60 years says there are 2 indicators on weather a marriage will work – 1: How the  couple manage differences and conflict 2: A Ratio 5:1 – 5 Being good experiences and 1 being bad experiences. He also says you need to build a Culture of Praise, Affirmation, Fondness and Respect. I feel our relationship is even stronger now and we have some different techniques to keep building on it …. No relationship is perfect but if there is LOVE and COMMUNICATION then there is always HOPE.

The Cake – Yummm!!! – In my hunt for inspirations I came across some lovely pics … We want the cake to be different as many brides do … pulling inspirations from the vintage glam theme, my dress design and just pretty stuff we have designed a cake that will be scrumptious. Flavours — Ohhhh My absolute favourite has got to be White Choc and Raspberry, I do Love Red Velvet and Alex”s favourite is Cookies and Cream … So given we are having 3 tiers we can have our cake and eat it too! When your designing your cake have some fun – the cake tastings are one of the most favourite planning appointments with all my brides. Also if there is a flavour your baker doesn”t have on the list ask if it is possible for them to create it …


The Ceremony Music – We had the amazing Jonathan come over the other week to play some tunes on the violin. We are having a String quartet ahhh can”t wait – He is composing a special piece for me to walk down the aisle to … It means a great deal to me this piece of music and you need to keep in mind that when choosing your music especially the processional – the ceremony is the most important part of the whole day , it”s the reason you are there and it should be a piece of music that touches your hear. Every time you hear that piece your mind will wander back to that moment your walking down the aisle. And In that moment don”t forget to stop at the just as you walk in , take a big breath in and then continue. You need to soak up the moment. On Music choose 2 pieces of music for the signing . The signing can generally take around 7 minutes and then choose an upbeat song for the recessional. Something Joyful after all you just got hitched! … We are going with some really big classic pieces – Can”t wait!

The Dancing Music – If you are going a band or a DJ you will need to choose songs you like but most importantly SONGS you don”t want played – For me I love ABBA so there will definitly be some ABBA played and of course it would be a party without Whitney”s – I wanna dance with somebody! … We are having a Band personally I am a band girl as I love live music even though some of the favourite songs do sound better with the actua artist singing them there is just something so classy about a band… Can”t wait to swing to the saxaphone ! and don”t forget if you are having a bad they need to take breaks so choose some of your favourite songs – pop them on playlists in your ipod and give it to the bad to play when they are on break – then you have the best of both worlds!

Our Media is all set – I have the best cinematographer – I have been so blessed to work with the talented Rochelle and Dean on so many weddings and I always love looking back on the couples highlight reels… I can”t wait for them to tell my story! My Photographer Mel is also one of the best can”t wait for her to capture our day! So in the planning process you have booked your media suppliers but what else do you have to think about – Think about some fun shots you can have … Being Vintage glam I have always had a picture in my head of the girls and I having gorgeous lace Parasols …. So it”s things like that you have to prep for – Google bridal party fun shots and see what comes up … You can do so many fun things with letter blocks, signs and props… but you need to prep for these things so do it in the planning stages … no point getting there on the day and going oh would have loved a shot like this! – Needless to say i am just about to order my Parasols yay!

Cars are done – Thats one thing I let Alex choose … I had to give him something – So My chariot is a 22 seater Hummer – not so vintage glam but Hey had to give the man something :) hehe

Bridesmaids – Their dresses are underway – Mummy dearest is making them… But what else do you need for the girls ? – Jewellery – tick ! … And then of course GETTING READY fun stuff… I was shopping with my sister MOH and we found in Bra”s and thing some PJ shorts that are a PERFECT design match to the actual bridesmaids dresses – it”s so weird .. had to get them … Of course there is also the satin robes with Bridesmaids on them .. have to get that shot … and the T-shirts … and I even found a little something else that I will give them that”s so cool but can”t let you know yet you will have to wait and see what it is !

Shoes – Tick not only did i find the perfect shoes for the bridesmaids they were on sale – woot woot! and my shoes got them – Walking down the aisle in Louboutins – yay!!!! Dream shoes!

Hair and Makeup – is all locked in will have tirals closer to the date – But in the meantime gather up some pictures of inspiration for your hair stylist – nothing worse than having no where to start when you go for your trial



EXERCISE – This is a biggy – Okay so I purchased the INSANITY DVD set – and Im really not a cardio girl — needless to say i didn”t even make it through the first dvd – I know soooo bad! … Years and Years ago I purchased the complete Windsor Pilaties set and it worked … silly me why didn”t I just go back to what I trust and know works for my body. Now being a wedding planner and having a list a mile long and always putting everyone else especially my brides right up on the top priority list I have found this the most challenging – finding time to exercise! … I really want to tone my arms _ everything else is hidden by the dress but arms – as we all know are one of those things we focus on in our photos – so if I can offer any advice it would be to focus on toning your arms ! I know I am still finding it hard to squeeze in time … but I know I will regret it if i don”t… I have been good for the last 3 days … don”t laugh yes only 3 – but hopefully for the next 99 days I can keep it up and have gorgeous arms for the wedding day … then you also have to think about Honeymoon – are you going on the beach ? I am … so trying to tone those Buns and thighs too! – The Windsor Set has 20 min fast burn workouts which have really helped with my time constraints. Find what works for your lifestyle, body and mind! without your mind pushing you to do it , it wont get done!

Hair prep and Tanning – Given I am going to have Pink and Purple Hair – Yes thats right .. don”t worry it”s not bright 4.2 is a great violet colour … it”s dark … if you do have dark hair think about adding some highlights they don”t have to be blonde highlights just some highlights so that your hair design doesn”t just blend all into one ! I have been for the last year growing my hair … now it is time to lighten it to strip the hair of years and years of colour to get a nice clean dye happening… On friday I start the first lightning process and a bit of a trim! Tanning – I hope we have a hot day and I don”t think Feb hot days go well with fake tan … so I know it”s bad and don”t cringe but I am going to be naughty and go solarium just for a few months! When I lived in QLD I had the most natural beautiful golden skin so hoping that the skim memory kicks in and I can get that golden glow … Also thinking about a spray tan they don”t last through the honeymoon – I don”t want to be all splotchy on my honeymoon so solarium tan here I come!

Of course there is alot more work to be done – There is a lot of styling going into the wedding. I am setting up over the 4 days before my wedding at Eynesbury … If you are doing alot of DIY styling items … make a list and keep working through them , pick up the paint, Start hand crafting, start on the designs before you know it time will be running out!

Hopefully You have found some helpful tips in planning your wedding and enjoyed reading the updates … Are you intrigued? I can”t wait for the day and then of course to share all the wonderful happenings of the day with you.

When starting the Brides diary blog I was hoping to keep it a bit more regular than the post but truthfully I have been so focused on getting my gorgeous brides hitched that there just isn”t enough time… couldn”t pass up the 100 days to go though! Now back to work :)

Cheers Candice :)

Brides Diary – LetterPress Wedding Invitations

Stationary says so much more than just where the wedding is and what time everyone has to be there… It really sets the tone and style of your day and I wanted my invitations to be really special.

As much as I love the technological world we live in I think there is always something really nice about opening the actual mail box to find something pretty waiting for you … these days it is rare to get anything but catalogues in the post and the odd bill – eeek

Being a lover of all things old world and charming I have always wanted LETTERPRESS it is something different. I love the texture it creates on the page and the beauty of it…

My amazing Videographer Preface Films went up to the Yarra Valley to film the invitations being printed by the wonderful Mickey Loves Jacqui… It is rare for the bride to actually watch her invitations being printed and it is a moment that i will always hold dear – Take a look

Or Click Here to open in Vimeo


At first I didn’t know exactly what I wanted all I knew was it had to be beautiful, there had to be a vintage frame, some roses , swirly writing and different fonts oh and of course be Pink and Black… I have been working with the dear Carla from  Peppermint Press for some time and the second I got engaged we started chatting about doing the invites and I was so excited it was finally time to get the ball rolling.


I sent through Carla some inspiration pictures and the elements that where a must. The first design proof sent through was nearly perfect …

The INVITATION: I loved … It was perfect and really reflected the Vintage Glam style that I am having

THE MAP: Looked really good there were just a few things I wanted to add , Like a magnified section of the Homestead grounds as being a perfectionist and control freak I would like everyone to park in a certain area so they walk into the venue the right way and get to have the full experience of the styling – I know major control freak! lol ….. So I hand drew the portion I wanted and sent through to Carla where she then updated to create a MAP that was exactly how I had envisioned… Now the guests will be able to know exactly how to get there where to park and what part of Eynesbury Estate they need to be at …

THE RSVP: I had seen a few where they had pictures for their Dietary Requirements which I thought was really fun and cute and the first proof design looked great

THE WISHING WELL: I had looked at so many of those poems and couldn’t decide which one to use … So I ended up combining a few, changing words and adding a paragraph of my own … Really we don’t need anything except time and money funding for the honeymoon which would be good … and this section of the invitation process with my brides I usually get the brides going – eeeekkkk I hate asking for money… But these days so many of us live together we don’t need a heap of kitchen ware , white goods and manchester… Being the work-a-holic most days Alex says he has to compete with my attention of the MAC … soI thought I would come up with a little rhyme that summed it all up on the perfect gift for us

” The best gift you could give us

Would be time spent together

Away from all the distractions

Somewhere with beautiful weather”

I had Carla draw up a little sketch of us dreaming about an Island holiday …. Given that for the last 10 years I have also run the Kids Events and Entertainment company entertaining at over 100 birthdays and events each year as Fairy Candi it would be cute to have my sketch as a Fairy … and Alex the big kids he is has always thought of himself as BATMAN … which funnily enough is my favourite super hero …



So once the design was finalised Carla together with Mickey Loves Jacqui worked on creating the files to be ready for Letterpress .. Sent them off and we were good to go to print

Alex and I headed up to the Yarra Valley I was super excited and Alex being in Sofa Manufacturing with his family company was really interested to see the mechanics of it all

The machines were big and old and I loved it … They looked so Cool …When Mickey hand mixed the paint it looked red… he assured me it would be the colour once printed and I whole heartidly trusted him – let the guru work his magic … Alex on the other hand wasn’t so convinced ( it was quite cute)  They did a test run and OMG it was perfect ! I loved it… and the colour was beautiful … ( See trust the experets we know what we are talking about lol)

Every colour that is being printed needed it’s own template and each colour is run through the machine separatley… It is a time consuming process – not like digital where you hit print and the printer mixes the colours and everything is printed at the same time. Each colour needs to be lined up perfectly – even 1 mm out can set things completely out of whack…

I felt very privilaged to be able to be there to see them getting printed. It was a great day chatting to M&J anytime I am in a room with Rochelle and Dean we always have a great time.

As it is such a long process and I had 4 items with two colours we left Mickey to print away ( thanks for working till the wee hours M :)

I picked them up at the Wedding Fair the other day and I am over the moon … I would show you a picture but I need to keep some secrets for my guests – lol


So the Stationary doesn’t stop there … What else do we have to get ?

  • Swing Tags with guest names
  • Guest Address labels
  • RSVP return labels
  • Menu design * I have something special up my sleeve for this one so stay tuned!
  • Placecards * Again not your typical Placecards, excited!
  • Seating Chart * Non traditional and something fun- hehe can’t wait to share
  • Ceremony Booklet covers

Before we print the Swing tags we have to finalise the guestlist … get all the addresses (and people keep moving – GRRRR …lol) but we can start on the ceremony booklets know and then do the inserts later …

I am going to have a day where all the bridesmaids come over and we wrap all the invitation suites together for everyone .. I am still not sure if I am going to go Pink or Black ribbon ? Might even go both …


When your doing your invitations – remember you can start on design early … you don’t need to have finalised the guest list before you start the design … it can be a bit of a back and forth process so the earlier the better then when you are ready to print and send out your not holding up the process … again with your ceremony booklet covers – Have your stationary desginer do them up , print them out and sent with your invitations ( save on postage) and then do the inserts later when you have finalised your ceremony with your officiant.


I would like to shout out a big THANKS to the talented team that worked long and hard I really Appreciate it. Carla thanks so much for the design I am in love they are perfect! Rochelle and Dean thanks so much your storey telling is truly exquisite and Mickey & Jacqui Thanks so much the printing was a really fun process and I feel very lucky to have been able to be there. Thanks for an outstanding job everyone! xoxox

The next instalment of the Bridal diary video blogs will be – BRIDESMAIDS dresses …. so keep your eyes peeled.

Cheers Candice :) xx



Brides Diary – The Dance

Tonight my fiancee was very sweet… We were watching “Four Holidays- (great movie by the way) and the scene where they were in dancing lessons he said – “Let”s practise”…. He grabbed my hand and led me to the living area…

Being a Dance Teacher ( Theatrical ) I am use to being the one in control and leading. I was in hysterics that a simple waltz 1,2, 3 had him stumbling, and using the wrong feet… it was very cute and he was trying really hard to get it…

He kept saying ” Let me lead” – Yes it is President Obama explains that most of the 85% of Americans with health health insurance companies are already experiencing the bulk of what the program has to offer and have been for the past 3 years. going to be hard for me to let go of the control .. Control freak dance teaching = Bless him he doesn”t have it easy. LOL

We got stuck close to the dining room table at one stage and my heart melted when he said “we”re stuck… how do we get out?” After a few spins and swirls we were on our way…

It was a fun start to the dancing process … Personally I think it”s best to learn a few key steps and moves and then on the night go with the flow. I have seen too many Grooms look so focused that they loose the moment… The First dance should be fun so do a few spins , dips and where you can add a few 1,2,3″s in there