Brides Diary – Where do I Start?

Given I am 368 days out of my very own wedding I thought it would be fun to create a little blog about this amazing experience….so I hope you have fun following and reading it and I look forward to blogging about my time on the other side of the table – THE BRIDE TO BE!

Since I was 4 I have been obsessed with weddings … My kinder teacher got married and since that day I feel in love and have been in love with EVERYTHING wedding! …. Having planned over 200 weddings you could just imagine the ideas and thoughts running through my head…. oh the possibilities….

If you didn’t get a chance to read about how my very dashing FH proposed … read here – I’M ENGAGED … So now I have the gorgeous ring … where does a wedding planner start? … first with screaming up and down with excitement but that is a given …

Here is a picture of my very handsome man… ALEX

So THE DATE!! … When will the big day be ? …. After much consideration and given the fact I am quite busy planning many other beautiful brides special days and then Alex and I have his cousins wedding in Feb we decided on setting the date a little over a year away … 1st Feb 2014 ….

It feels sooooo long but I know how the time flies so quickly … and I didn’t want to rush .. I wanted to give myself the chance and time for the BRIDE TO BE joy!

So now the Dates set … Onto Bridal Party …. The first thing that popped into my head was my flowergirl HAD to be the sweetest and cutest munchkin on the planet my god daughter Ruby and Alex said Harvie his God son would be the perfect Page boy… I totally agree…

Alex and I are very proud God parents…. So now onto Bridesmaids … Who to choose ? I have 4 sisters ???… I chose my Best Friend Vicki … out of my sisters Jessika .. she is soooo funny and I know she will make sure the planning and the day is a blast! and Taryn – Alex’s Sister in Law and Harvie’s Mum … I think all 3 lovely ladies made a perfect fit … I am so close with them all, love them all dearly and can’t wait for all the fun we will have :)

It was Alex’s turn … who would he choose ? His Best Man of course will be his brother Anthony… and the first thought Anthony had was VEGAS!!! for the Bucks …oh oh… then His cousin David and his little brother John …. so our bridal party is filled with lots of family and lots of love :)

Oh there is so much to do and I Love every second of it ….

…. to be continued …….