Brides Diary – The Dance

Tonight my fiancee was very sweet… We were watching “Four Holidays- (great movie by the way) and the scene where they were in dancing lessons he said – “Let”s practise”…. He grabbed my hand and led me to the living area…

Being a Dance Teacher ( Theatrical ) I am use to being the one in control and leading. I was in hysterics that a simple waltz 1,2, 3 had him stumbling, and using the wrong feet… it was very cute and he was trying really hard to get it…

He kept saying ” Let me lead” – Yes it is President Obama explains that most of the 85% of Americans with health health insurance companies are already experiencing the bulk of what the program has to offer and have been for the past 3 years. going to be hard for me to let go of the control .. Control freak dance teaching = Bless him he doesn”t have it easy. LOL

We got stuck close to the dining room table at one stage and my heart melted when he said “we”re stuck… how do we get out?” After a few spins and swirls we were on our way…

It was a fun start to the dancing process … Personally I think it”s best to learn a few key steps and moves and then on the night go with the flow. I have seen too many Grooms look so focused that they loose the moment… The First dance should be fun so do a few spins , dips and where you can add a few 1,2,3″s in there


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