Brides Diary – My first Dress fitting

I am Buzzing!!!!! So excited … I just had my Toile fitting ….

Like I am sure all brides do I was nervous and very body conscious… My heart beating and butterflies in my tummy…

But as the fabric went on and the pins were going in I could start to see my shape appearing and my fears melted away…  My hips weren’t as big as I imagined they would look… in fact I was really happy with my shape and I think I may even start to embrace it a little more…

I trust my AMAZING designer Xen and chatting about the details of the dress I am bursting with excitement… I cannot wait for the next appointment and all the appointments after that.

I think a couture gown is the best way to go … No one body shape is exactly the same and on your wedding day I think every bride deserves to look her best … This bride to be can’t wipe the smile of her face!!!

Stay tuned for more Bridal moments