Brides Diary – LetterPress Wedding Invitations

Stationary says so much more than just where the wedding is and what time everyone has to be there… It really sets the tone and style of your day and I wanted my invitations to be really special.

As much as I love the technological world we live in I think there is always something really nice about opening the actual mail box to find something pretty waiting for you … these days it is rare to get anything but catalogues in the post and the odd bill – eeek

Being a lover of all things old world and charming I have always wanted LETTERPRESS it is something different. I love the texture it creates on the page and the beauty of it…

My amazing Videographer Preface Films went up to the Yarra Valley to film the invitations being printed by the wonderful Mickey Loves Jacqui… It is rare for the bride to actually watch her invitations being printed and it is a moment that i will always hold dear – Take a look

Or Click Here to open in Vimeo


At first I didn’t know exactly what I wanted all I knew was it had to be beautiful, there had to be a vintage frame, some roses , swirly writing and different fonts oh and of course be Pink and Black… I have been working with the dear Carla from  Peppermint Press for some time and the second I got engaged we started chatting about doing the invites and I was so excited it was finally time to get the ball rolling.


I sent through Carla some inspiration pictures and the elements that where a must. The first design proof sent through was nearly perfect …

The INVITATION: I loved … It was perfect and really reflected the Vintage Glam style that I am having

THE MAP: Looked really good there were just a few things I wanted to add , Like a magnified section of the Homestead grounds as being a perfectionist and control freak I would like everyone to park in a certain area so they walk into the venue the right way and get to have the full experience of the styling – I know major control freak! lol ….. So I hand drew the portion I wanted and sent through to Carla where she then updated to create a MAP that was exactly how I had envisioned… Now the guests will be able to know exactly how to get there where to park and what part of Eynesbury Estate they need to be at …

THE RSVP: I had seen a few where they had pictures for their Dietary Requirements which I thought was really fun and cute and the first proof design looked great

THE WISHING WELL: I had looked at so many of those poems and couldn’t decide which one to use … So I ended up combining a few, changing words and adding a paragraph of my own … Really we don’t need anything except time and money funding for the honeymoon which would be good … and this section of the invitation process with my brides I usually get the brides going – eeeekkkk I hate asking for money… But these days so many of us live together we don’t need a heap of kitchen ware , white goods and manchester… Being the work-a-holic most days Alex says he has to compete with my attention of the MAC … soI thought I would come up with a little rhyme that summed it all up on the perfect gift for us

” The best gift you could give us

Would be time spent together

Away from all the distractions

Somewhere with beautiful weather”

I had Carla draw up a little sketch of us dreaming about an Island holiday …. Given that for the last 10 years I have also run the Kids Events and Entertainment company entertaining at over 100 birthdays and events each year as Fairy Candi it would be cute to have my sketch as a Fairy … and Alex the big kids he is has always thought of himself as BATMAN … which funnily enough is my favourite super hero …



So once the design was finalised Carla together with Mickey Loves Jacqui worked on creating the files to be ready for Letterpress .. Sent them off and we were good to go to print

Alex and I headed up to the Yarra Valley I was super excited and Alex being in Sofa Manufacturing with his family company was really interested to see the mechanics of it all

The machines were big and old and I loved it … They looked so Cool …When Mickey hand mixed the paint it looked red… he assured me it would be the colour once printed and I whole heartidly trusted him – let the guru work his magic … Alex on the other hand wasn’t so convinced ( it was quite cute)  They did a test run and OMG it was perfect ! I loved it… and the colour was beautiful … ( See trust the experets we know what we are talking about lol)

Every colour that is being printed needed it’s own template and each colour is run through the machine separatley… It is a time consuming process – not like digital where you hit print and the printer mixes the colours and everything is printed at the same time. Each colour needs to be lined up perfectly – even 1 mm out can set things completely out of whack…

I felt very privilaged to be able to be there to see them getting printed. It was a great day chatting to M&J anytime I am in a room with Rochelle and Dean we always have a great time.

As it is such a long process and I had 4 items with two colours we left Mickey to print away ( thanks for working till the wee hours M :)

I picked them up at the Wedding Fair the other day and I am over the moon … I would show you a picture but I need to keep some secrets for my guests – lol


So the Stationary doesn’t stop there … What else do we have to get ?

  • Swing Tags with guest names
  • Guest Address labels
  • RSVP return labels
  • Menu design * I have something special up my sleeve for this one so stay tuned!
  • Placecards * Again not your typical Placecards, excited!
  • Seating Chart * Non traditional and something fun- hehe can’t wait to share
  • Ceremony Booklet covers

Before we print the Swing tags we have to finalise the guestlist … get all the addresses (and people keep moving – GRRRR …lol) but we can start on the ceremony booklets know and then do the inserts later …

I am going to have a day where all the bridesmaids come over and we wrap all the invitation suites together for everyone .. I am still not sure if I am going to go Pink or Black ribbon ? Might even go both …


When your doing your invitations – remember you can start on design early … you don’t need to have finalised the guest list before you start the design … it can be a bit of a back and forth process so the earlier the better then when you are ready to print and send out your not holding up the process … again with your ceremony booklet covers – Have your stationary desginer do them up , print them out and sent with your invitations ( save on postage) and then do the inserts later when you have finalised your ceremony with your officiant.


I would like to shout out a big THANKS to the talented team that worked long and hard I really Appreciate it. Carla thanks so much for the design I am in love they are perfect! Rochelle and Dean thanks so much your storey telling is truly exquisite and Mickey & Jacqui Thanks so much the printing was a really fun process and I feel very lucky to have been able to be there. Thanks for an outstanding job everyone! xoxox

The next instalment of the Bridal diary video blogs will be – BRIDESMAIDS dresses …. so keep your eyes peeled.

Cheers Candice :) xx