Brides Diary – Choosing My Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers are a very important part of your Wedding day. They complete the picture of the day by not only tying together colour and style but they also provide a sweet scent to whisk through the air on your big day.

Mackenzi Creations Bride’s Diary // Bouquets :: Preface Films from Preface Films on Vimeo.

When choosing flowers there are many things to think about… of course the first thing that pops into my brides (and grooms) heads are colour and type but when choosing your wedding flowers you also need to think about shape, design, meaning and much more.

When I finally got engaged and the planning process began one of my first thoughts were – What flowers am I going to have?

I love roses especially those with the hot pink tip… Not that Pink is my favourite colour – purple actually is… but it is something about the combined soft beauty and bold colour impact that I love about these roses

Courtesy of Tamar Valley Roses

It was these roses that inspired the colour of the wedding… I bet your thinking HOT PINK! …. Think again … Pink in all shades of it’s beauty… but I wont give too many details away you will have to wait another 7 months for the full picture :)

I also love carnations – They are also soft, delicate and they remind me of my mum which is why I really want to have them included in the wedding day.

I have always loved vintage … I am very inspired by the vintage glam dresses by Kitten D’amour … Many of which I own and love to wear.

So armed with my favourite flowers and knowing which style the wedding was going to take on I sat down with Karina from my amazing floral team… We could have chatted for many more hours than we did and oh the possibilities …

We chatted about colours – Pinks,whites, blushes, antiques. Types – Hydrangeas, Roses, Carnations and more. Embelishments – It wouldn’t be vintage without some pearls …

We chatted about shape – I am lucky enough to have a groom that is taller than me even when I stand in 6 inch heels .. yay! So can have any shape really ( for more on shape and size keep an eye out for our blog post on Polka Dot Bride coming soon where we explore in depth – Shape and Size .. of you, your bouquet and your dress to help you ensure you have perfect harmony with your overall look.

The first time you sit down and chat with your florist put all your ideas on the table even if some are a bit of a miss match as the wedding gets closer you start eliminating options and it will all work out in the end…

Over the next few weeks I will be sitting down with the wonderful Karina again to hone in on ideas and then finally closer to the date the final plans are put in place… and I can’t wait !

If you would like help with Flowers as well as any other elements of your wedding day including Planning, Styling and Co-ordination I would love to hear from you, give me a buzz or send through an email 

Thanks to Wedding Cinematographers Preface films for creating our blog interview clip and to Style by Nature for inviting us into catch a glimpse of behind the scenes.