Brides Diary – The Dance

Tonight my fiancee was very sweet… We were watching “Four Holidays- (great movie by the way) and the scene where they were in dancing lessons he said – “Let”s practise”…. He grabbed my hand and led me to the living area…

Being a Dance Teacher ( Theatrical ) I am use to being the one in control and leading. I was in hysterics that a simple waltz 1,2, 3 had him stumbling, and using the wrong feet… it was very cute and he was trying really hard to get it…

He kept saying ” Let me lead” – Yes it is President Obama explains that most of the 85% of Americans with health health insurance companies are already experiencing the bulk of what the program has to offer and have been for the past 3 years. going to be hard for me to let go of the control .. Control freak dance teaching = Bless him he doesn”t have it easy. LOL

We got stuck close to the dining room table at one stage and my heart melted when he said “we”re stuck… how do we get out?” After a few spins and swirls we were on our way…

It was a fun start to the dancing process … Personally I think it”s best to learn a few key steps and moves and then on the night go with the flow. I have seen too many Grooms look so focused that they loose the moment… The First dance should be fun so do a few spins , dips and where you can add a few 1,2,3″s in there


Brides Diary – Choosing My Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers are a very important part of your Wedding day. They complete the picture of the day by not only tying together colour and style but they also provide a sweet scent to whisk through the air on your big day.

Mackenzi Creations Bride’s Diary // Bouquets :: Preface Films from Preface Films on Vimeo.

When choosing flowers there are many things to think about… of course the first thing that pops into my brides (and grooms) heads are colour and type but when choosing your wedding flowers you also need to think about shape, design, meaning and much more.

When I finally got engaged and the planning process began one of my first thoughts were – What flowers am I going to have?

I love roses especially those with the hot pink tip… Not that Pink is my favourite colour – purple actually is… but it is something about the combined soft beauty and bold colour impact that I love about these roses

Courtesy of Tamar Valley Roses

It was these roses that inspired the colour of the wedding… I bet your thinking HOT PINK! …. Think again … Pink in all shades of it’s beauty… but I wont give too many details away you will have to wait another 7 months for the full picture :)

I also love carnations – They are also soft, delicate and they remind me of my mum which is why I really want to have them included in the wedding day.

I have always loved vintage … I am very inspired by the vintage glam dresses by Kitten D’amour … Many of which I own and love to wear.

So armed with my favourite flowers and knowing which style the wedding was going to take on I sat down with Karina from my amazing floral team… We could have chatted for many more hours than we did and oh the possibilities …

We chatted about colours – Pinks,whites, blushes, antiques. Types – Hydrangeas, Roses, Carnations and more. Embelishments – It wouldn’t be vintage without some pearls …

We chatted about shape – I am lucky enough to have a groom that is taller than me even when I stand in 6 inch heels .. yay! So can have any shape really ( for more on shape and size keep an eye out for our blog post on Polka Dot Bride coming soon where we explore in depth – Shape and Size .. of you, your bouquet and your dress to help you ensure you have perfect harmony with your overall look.

The first time you sit down and chat with your florist put all your ideas on the table even if some are a bit of a miss match as the wedding gets closer you start eliminating options and it will all work out in the end…

Over the next few weeks I will be sitting down with the wonderful Karina again to hone in on ideas and then finally closer to the date the final plans are put in place… and I can’t wait !

If you would like help with Flowers as well as any other elements of your wedding day including Planning, Styling and Co-ordination I would love to hear from you, give me a buzz or send through an email 

Thanks to Wedding Cinematographers Preface films for creating our blog interview clip and to Style by Nature for inviting us into catch a glimpse of behind the scenes.


Brides Diary – My first Dress fitting

I am Buzzing!!!!! So excited … I just had my Toile fitting ….

Like I am sure all brides do I was nervous and very body conscious… My heart beating and butterflies in my tummy…

But as the fabric went on and the pins were going in I could start to see my shape appearing and my fears melted away…  My hips weren’t as big as I imagined they would look… in fact I was really happy with my shape and I think I may even start to embrace it a little more…

I trust my AMAZING designer Xen and chatting about the details of the dress I am bursting with excitement… I cannot wait for the next appointment and all the appointments after that.

I think a couture gown is the best way to go … No one body shape is exactly the same and on your wedding day I think every bride deserves to look her best … This bride to be can’t wipe the smile of her face!!!

Stay tuned for more Bridal moments




Brides Diary – My Engagement Party 1st Feb 2013

At first Alex didn’t want to have an engagement party but after a little convincing that it would be a great excuse to have everyone we love celebrate that we are engaged it was time to start planning the Party! (and lets face it any excuse for this wedding planner to plan an event) … So we set the date to be EXACTLY 365 days before our Big Day… Yep 1st Feb 2013….

As Alex LOVES the beach and wanted to get married with an ocean view (we aren’t) I thought the perfect venue would be THE BEACH – Albert Park … It has some great function rooms and the Beluga room looks over the ocean… PERFECT! …

Our theme – Cliche I know but it was “Beach”…. In the morning I popped down to style the room with sand and shell filled candle holders, white washed picture frames, starfish and chalk boards… Including a 3 piece timeline stand ….One of my favourite flowers are singapore orchids which arrived from my amazing floral team in the most delightful little bunches and fishbowls.. Speaking of Fishbowls the beach theme wouldn’t be complete without REAL FISH… On our welcome table we had 3 little gold fish who are alive and swimming still…

The Night was filled with lots of love shared with family and friends including my Wonderful Bridal Girls – from the left my gorgeous sister Jessika who is an absolute hoot -one of the funniest people I know and who has done so much work behind the scenes and organised so much already, Vicki my best friend who organised a wonderful High Tea and I hear busy organising my kitchen tea … so exciting! Next to me my sister in law to be- Taryn who I think is fabulous, so helpful and is always sending me lots of bridal inspirations ..YAY!…. The perfect team of girls to be by myside…. Below is a picture of my Beautiful god daughter Ruby who I love more than all the stars in the sky… She will be my little flower girl

The CAKE…. My wonderful Cupcake tower was created by the amazing Barbara From Sophsticakes of Melbourne … BEST CUPCAKES IN THE WORLD!!!! Thanks Heaps B xx adding to the sugar fun was my own Candy Creations Lolly Buffet complete with hand made white chocolate rocky road!

Speeches… I didn’t realise Alex had prepared a speech … and what a speech it was … he made me cry… Happy tears!…. telling me how much he loves me and loves my passion… that I always put my Brides first and that he needs to keep reminding me that I am a bride too and I need to make time to plan for Our wedding… My Sister also made a beautiful speech and hit the nail on the head describing both Alex and I…. she also made me cry ( I was a blubbering mess … Thank goodness for the wonderful Rebecca Paris – The Girl in the Green scarf my makeup and hair kept in tack through all those tears of joy and hugs

We had a great night With Family… My 7 siblings a few cousins and My Grandparents who came down From New Castle … and of course all of Alex Family and our friends

Overall it was a great night… I had lost a dress size in the lead up so my strapless dress kept slipping down – what to do? – I used the Hanger ties as straps ( a wedding planners mind working there) … It was true…. i kept putting tasks to do aside for my brides and it wasn’t until I was ironing my dress at Rebecca’s house at 6.45pm (event started at 7pm) it was then that I realised I didn’t give myself enough time …. Me being so planned and every second timed for every one of my brides but then it comes to me and I am running late… I am the most organised event planner and it enlightened even me to the fact even if you are the most organised person on the planet having an outside co-ordintor to set up the day and co-ordinate is worth it’s weight in gold… For Our wedding I have already pre arranged to have my wonderful 2IC co-ordinate the day so there will be no rushing around for me …. a lesson learnt and one that which i can pass onto future Brides to be …. but all in all it was a fabulous night and I would like to thank all my family, friends, amazing suppliers and Emma from THE BEACH who was so accommodating to all my specific needs… Thanks a bunch

Can’t wait till the wedding now!!!

The Importance of Having a Wedding Planner/ Coordinator

The other day I received an email from a lovely bride I met quite some time ago … She wrote to me about how she regrets not having a Wedding Planner/ Coordinator … So I thought I would share her story as I would hate for any other brides to have a regretful wedding day too…

Here is her letter

“Hi Candice… I’ve been meaning to write to you as I feel this might help me “move on” ?

After you explained the importance of a wedding planner and what you can provide I now hate myself for not taking you seriously and looking into it futher.

Whilst I knew exactly what I was doing and had a perfect picture of my wedding day, I had the complete opposite of every detail I ever imagined could happen to me. “NO ONE” gave a damn on the day and not that it even matters but they were just disrespectful to ME … the BRIDE!

I was able to source and secure all the things I needed for the wedding but I miscalculated the importance of having a “professional” co-ordinator on the day.

It didn’t bother me that it rained but I just wished there was someone there to help and walk me through the day. I regret it sooo much for not hiring you to be at my wedding. I cried everyday for 8 months after the wedding and forced myself to move on. but I know deep down I’ve just put on a “happy” face for the world. Candice I hope you will have the most amazing people around you on your special day and that you continue to help all the brides to be to achieve their dream wedding.

Full of regrets *Bride*”

Every bride deserves the best day ever !  Even if you are the most organised bride on the planet everyone could use the expertise of a Wedding Planner/ Coordinator… Even myself and i am a wedding planner… I am having someone coordinate my day!

I truly put my whole heart and soul into every wedding I create. I want every single bride out there to have the most amazing , perfect, gorgeous day … a wedding day better than she imagined…

You would never have a wedding cake without icing ( unless it is those new fad naked cakes) but really you have invested so much already for your day to be perfect wouldn’t you want to follow it through to ensure the day IS???

I would love to help ensure you day is perfect …..For a full listing of my packages click here –  PACKAGES 

Brides Diary – Where do I Start?

Given I am 368 days out of my very own wedding I thought it would be fun to create a little blog about this amazing experience….so I hope you have fun following and reading it and I look forward to blogging about my time on the other side of the table – THE BRIDE TO BE!

Since I was 4 I have been obsessed with weddings … My kinder teacher got married and since that day I feel in love and have been in love with EVERYTHING wedding! …. Having planned over 200 weddings you could just imagine the ideas and thoughts running through my head…. oh the possibilities….

If you didn’t get a chance to read about how my very dashing FH proposed … read here – I’M ENGAGED … So now I have the gorgeous ring … where does a wedding planner start? … first with screaming up and down with excitement but that is a given …

Here is a picture of my very handsome man… ALEX

So THE DATE!! … When will the big day be ? …. After much consideration and given the fact I am quite busy planning many other beautiful brides special days and then Alex and I have his cousins wedding in Feb we decided on setting the date a little over a year away … 1st Feb 2014 ….

It feels sooooo long but I know how the time flies so quickly … and I didn’t want to rush .. I wanted to give myself the chance and time for the BRIDE TO BE joy!

So now the Dates set … Onto Bridal Party …. The first thing that popped into my head was my flowergirl HAD to be the sweetest and cutest munchkin on the planet my god daughter Ruby and Alex said Harvie his God son would be the perfect Page boy… I totally agree…

Alex and I are very proud God parents…. So now onto Bridesmaids … Who to choose ? I have 4 sisters ???… I chose my Best Friend Vicki … out of my sisters Jessika .. she is soooo funny and I know she will make sure the planning and the day is a blast! and Taryn – Alex’s Sister in Law and Harvie’s Mum … I think all 3 lovely ladies made a perfect fit … I am so close with them all, love them all dearly and can’t wait for all the fun we will have :)

It was Alex’s turn … who would he choose ? His Best Man of course will be his brother Anthony… and the first thought Anthony had was VEGAS!!! for the Bucks …oh oh… then His cousin David and his little brother John …. so our bridal party is filled with lots of family and lots of love :)

Oh there is so much to do and I Love every second of it ….

…. to be continued …….

Wedding Planning tips – Getting your invites out on time and stress free!

Invitations are a very important aspect of the wedding – without them no one would know where and when the big day will be…

For our simple steps on how to get your wedding invitations out on time and stress free please visit our post on POLKA DOT BRIDE wisdom .

Stationary by Peppermint Press


Eynesbury Spring Wedding Expo

Last sunday we were at the gorgeous Eynesbury Homestead for their spring Wedding Expo. We had such a beautiful day with blue skies and a warm breeze.

The venue is so beautiful and has lots to offer , the Bluestone homestead is a gorgeous backdrop with its white finishings, the manicured gardens perfect setting for pre dinner drinks, the marquee a blank canvas to create a stunning reception and the food is amazing!

Alex and I love the venue so much we have chosen it for our very own wedding coming up in 2014.

It was great to meet lots of wonderful vendors … there are so many talented people in the wedding world it is great to see so much passion shining through

Below are some gorgeous photos of our stand captured by the very talented Andre Elhay the pretty flowers are from the very sweet karina @ Style by Nature

Captured by Andre Elhay

How to Create Your Own Unique Wishing Well Station

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